Professional Building Services, Inc. has the resources and expertise to handle final construction cleanup for Philadelphia projects for your organization. We have decades of experience completing final phase construction cleaning; Philadelphia projects, ranging from 1,500 to 1.5 million square feet in size, have been successfully completed. Our company, located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, is fully equipped and well experienced in operating projects in the Philadelphia area and its surrounding cities.

Our goal is to ensure you with Turnkey Peace of Mind at the completion of your construction endeavor! Your clients will be expecting to move in after you finish your project, and a thorough cleaning of the building is essential in providing customer service. We can relieve you of this challenge after you tiring construction project.

scan-constrFinal construction cleanup may include projects such as:

  • Interior and exterior window washing
  • Detail cleaning
  • Removal of construction debris
  • Vinyl tile finishing
  • Ceramic tile grout restoration and sealing
  • Detail dusting, vacuuming, and furniture preparation
  • Carpet cleaning

Many of the things that are listed above can be overlooked, especially after a long-term building project. To assure your client a clean final project, hire our professionals to scour every surface and leave no stone unturned. Professional Building Services, Inc. is your optimal choice for final phase construction cleaning. Philadelphia contractors can rely on us to leave their sites orderly and clean.