Despite Sustainability Goals, Plastic Recycling Is Decreasing

Research finds plastic recycling rate has never reached 10% Recycling is considered an essential part of U.S. efforts to boost sustainability practices and reduce waste. Facilities and individual households have been dutifully rinsing their plastics and placing them in special receptacles for pickup. Many are directly transporting their plastic to recycling centers, feeling like they […]

Expediting The Drying Cycle

As restorative drying professionals, we are aware that humidity, airflow, and temperature (HAT) are necessary for evaporation. We often consider each component of HAT as equal in creating the ideal conditions for evaporation; however, they are never equal, but rather, balanced in importance based on the drying cycle. Let’s take a look at each of […]

In The Field

Flu and cold season is right around the corner. It used to be that the season was Dec. 1 to March 1. That is no longer the case. We are now seeing two waves of the flu each season now. Many times, there is a mutation from the flu species seen in Australia by the […]

The Evolution of Robotics

The Evolution of Robotics Floor cleaning robotic equipment is moving from rare to mainstream. By Gretchen Roufs 2016 was the “coming out” party for floor-cleaning robotic equipment at ISSA Show North America in Chicago.  There were a handful of companies that introduced robotics that year. Some say 2016 was an encore year.  There were efforts […]

Revolutionary Disinfection Technologies

Revolutionary Disinfection Technologies The emergence of electrostatic spraying technology gives way to better efficiencies and new responsibilities. The cleaning industry is in the midst of a revolution. The advent of more efficient and effective technologies has made it possible to maintain cleaner and healthier facilities than ever before. Yet, this opportunity has also given rise […]

Restoration Odors

Finding and treating malodors in restoration work requires a good nose and the right tools. Various sources release odors including new building materials, decomposing organic matter, incomplete combustion, and many others. Source identification and source location are the first steps in odor removal. In some cases, identifying the odor problem is easy because the odor […]

Full Speed Ahead for the Sustainability Movement

Full Speed Ahead for the Sustainability Movement By: Stephen Ashkin Members of the cleaning industry, as well as building owners and managers, frequently ask me if the green cleaning and sustainability initiatives will weaken or be dismantled in the next few years. My Answer to these questions is no. It’s a journey that will not […]

Chemical Testing

Chemical Testing As a cleaner, you don’t have to be a scientist. But you do need to know these important points. By: Tom Forsythe Every carpet cleaner goes through product testing, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Unfortunately, conclusions are generally based on perceptions, not facts. However there, indeed are differences in performances between chemicals. These differences […]

Five Simple Solutions For Workplace Success

George was the operations manager at a small university. His love affair with the cleaning business – and his wife, Peggy – began on that same campus when he was a student and worked as a cleaner during the summer. Upon graduation, George was offered the position of campus supervisor. Married, with one child and […]

Levels Of Clean

Define performance expectations by following these metrics. “Clean” can be a subjective term. Facility managers have a specific expectation of cleanliness when it refers to their building and the image they want to present to both building visitors and their superiors. Building service contractors (BSCs) want to meet that expectation, but often have their own […]

Right Sizing Your Equipment

RIGHT-SIZING YOUR EQUIPMENT – How small changes can yield big savings Today more than ever, it’s important to understand how long it takes to clean your building. With budgets and resources declining, you cannot afford to have waste in your processes. When purchasing equipment, be sure to understand its financial impact on your business. You should […]

What’s In A Name

Why it’s necessary to distinguish sustainability from green cleaning Throughout the years, different definitions for green cleaning have been put forward, but in the early 1990s, a universally accepted definition was agreed upon. This was based on an executive order signed by former President Bill Clinton that defined green cleaning as: “The use of products […]

Dry vs. Hot Water Extraction for Carpet Cleaning

If you are struggling with the differences between bonnet cleaning, hot water extraction and encapsulation, you’re not alone. First of all, let’s clarify that our goal is to clean the carpet effectively and efficiently so that it looks good, smells good and does not show any spots or stains. The three areas of carpet maintenance […]

Smart Restrooms Improve Cleaning Efficiency

• A wide variety of Internet of Things, or IoT, solutions are becoming increasingly available that allow BSCs to tap into restroom fixtures and dispensers, which inform them of high usage, low supplies, or even the possibility of future malfunctions. • IoT allows for the aggregation of data through the connectivity of objects to the […]