Disinfecting And Hand Washing Reduce Workplace Illnesses by Becky Mollenkamp

It’s also critically important to use the correct chemicals in an office setting to kill germs. “Using best-practice healthcare cleaning standards outside of the healthcare setting will ultimately reduce absenteeism,” Sopha says. While a quality multi-purpose cleaner can be effective for everyday use, Sopha and Searcy recommend using an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant on high-touch contact […]

Choose Wisely

Just because a floor covering looks great newly installed does not mean it will hold up to continued abuse. When it comes to floor care, our list of knowledge has expanded. Many cleaners now realize that the installation of carpet and hard flooring can impact cleaning results, customer satisfaction, liability and profit. One area that […]

American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women”

For the third consecutive year, Professional Building Services, Inc. participated in the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” fundraiser luncheon on Friday, May 18th. The luncheon was held at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown and was attended by many notable business and community leaders from the Philadelphia area. The campaign is dedicated to increasing awareness […]

Name Brand Versus No-name

What’s in a name? According to the Consumer Price Index, quite a bit, actually. Research indicates that roughly 20 percent of the North American population is willing to pay more for an environmentally preferable product. And, while the research does not factor in the act of greenwashing, it can be assumed that some of these […]

Green And Extreme Green Cleaning

Both concepts promote safety and efficacy, but what is the fundamental difference? The emerging science is saying that there is a material and impactful difference between green and extreme green cleaning. The more important question is, what is the real difference and why does it matter? Throughout the evolution of cleaning products, from lye soap […]

Cleaning Tile And Grout

In order to properly clean grout, one must first identify the floor type being addressed. When it comes to tile and grout cleaning, building service contractors (BSCs) and carpet cleaning technicians who have expanded into the care of hard surface floors must first understand the types of floors with which they are dealing. A natural […]