Smart Restrooms Improve Cleaning Efficiency

• A wide variety of Internet of Things, or IoT, solutions are becoming increasingly available that allow BSCs to
tap into restroom fixtures and dispensers, which inform them of high usage, low supplies, or even the
possibility of future malfunctions.
• IoT allows for the aggregation of data through the connectivity of objects to the Internet.
• The technology has now reached the restroom, allowing for the tracking and monitoring of a whole host of usage
data points. These data points include the amount of product remaining in a dispenser and the usage of each
restroom visitor. Data points can also be correlated to determine the times of highest restroom usage.
• Many of the restroom IoT solutions on the market give the BSC a dashboard view via a tablet or computer.
• For instance, a complaint may suggest that a dispenser is broken when in fact it just needs its batteries
replaced or a jam to be fixed.

Getting Connected
• We all face everyday cost challenges. We face the need to reduce costs to fit client budgets, while at the same
time improve efficiencies.
• IoT products that allow users to monitor hand hygiene compliance. By tracking how much soap was dispensed
during a given time period, data trackers can compare this number against how many people entered the restroom
to see if people are actually washing their hands.
• The technology is largely in the health care setting at the moment.

Better Planning – Porters
• IoT restroom technologies can help BSCs create more cost-effective routes for their janitors by eliminating
trips into restrooms that do not need attending or restrooms with dispensers that do not need refilling.
• This ability to oversee restroom usage without stepping foot in that restroom is a welcome change. The restroom
used to be the only place in a facility that was not in some way regulated, monitored or otherwise tracked.
• The hours that are saved can be used to clean flooring, elevators, windows and stairways.
• Restroom IOT technology also allows BSCs to better manage inventory of hand soap, toilet paper, hand towels and
even cleaning supplies, which ultimately leads to more efficient purchasing of products, according to
• The key to it is keeping it simple. This is not about it being a system where you have to be a rocket scientist
to use. It is about making it simple for the users. That’s a key piece to success.